On this website you’ll find a set of schematics which can be applied to many corporations and several different industries. For example, it provides details on how to integrate complex multi-platform distributed applications. It is helpful to keep in mind, the concepts discussed here are commonly and intentionally kept generic. By design, they apply to not only to an immediate context but to other applications.

Through this website you’ll find diagrams, charts and other illustrations through a set of hyperlinks throughout the Site including the “Career Highlights“, “Integration Schematics” as well as through the “Portfolio” web pages. The technologies displayed on this website are being viewed by a wide audience-end users and technical Staff. The material has been sanitized; in other words, no proprietary information is published.

The online resources demonstrate insights gleamed throughout my career and cannot be readily available from others. In order to showcase a diverse skill set, the site presents a set of diagrams representing integrating of ‘disparate’ systems and data. The approach displayed comes from an  infrastructure that incorporates what is commonly called an operational data store (ODS).