The below items can be consider achievements as well as where I served in a leadership capacity.  More items can be listed than what I’m presenting here.  This is merely a sampling of instance where I led various initiatives.

  • Five years experience participating in ERP project implementations including initiation of proposal, software selection, justification and their installation. Ran large-scale mission-critical projects yielding 480% ROI. Reduced installation roll out in excess of six months.
  • Implemented and/or maintained ERP applications from GrowthPower, Fourth Shift and Manbase. Made data marts and a data warehouse to integrate with JD Edwards and SAP.
  • Led Staff to solve very demanding mission-critical problems. In so doing, worked in conditions demanding and necessitating innovation, versatility and a resourcefulness far more than my typical counterpart. Repeatedly took a lead role to stay abreast of the technologies to give the needed technical expertise.
  • I have repeatedly been a key person for the resolution of mission critical business problems for corporations and thus preserved the livelihood of several hundred people while keeping these companies alive and/or turning them around.
  • Began an IT career when selected as director, supervisor and administrator of computer operations. This was awarded to three out of 12,000 students.

  • For an entire academic school year, I taught a computer science course as a high school student to my peers. (As a senior high school student, a teacher informed me, if I would teach his class for him, I would be given an automatic letter grade of an ‘A’. I readily accepted the challenge.)
  • For special projects led large Staffs across multiple facilities and managed many multi-million dollar assets.
  • Conceived, designed and wrote an entire integrated enterprise multi-planner multi-warehouse production control system which provided not only cost controls but management of materials, product lines, customers and sales. The backend was written in MS SQL server and extensively used TSQL and stored procedures.
  • Integrated systems across various disparate hardware and software platforms by extracting data from enterprise applications.  My EAI solutions have bridged and exchanged data between a hybrid data warehouse, an ODS, data marts, EIS and OLAP applications.