Yesterday and today, the Computer Based Training site I created for the Power / Utility industry received system maintenance. As apart of its maintenance, it has been relocated to a new hosting service. Now image the following … the system has been on auto-pilot for several years. I have not been logged onto the site for ages. So, I was pleasantly surprised to find out it has grown to more 1,000 registered users!

Frankly, I’m proud of this web-site. It took a lot of initiative and hard work to put it together. I used Moodle which is an open source turnkey LMS (Learning Management System) for the project. The system provides two courses which I make available free of cost. The first is named  “OTS1001-Introduction to the Generic OTS” .  The second is titled “OTS1002-Emergency Operations in the Secure and Alert States”.

OTS stands for Operator Training Simulator. It is in reference to a software simulator for the Power / Utility industry. Just like pilots have a simulator to teach them how to fly a plane, utility Operators and Dispatchers have simulators to teach them how to control power grids. The one I worked on had an estimated of cost $25 million to make by the collective efforts of scientists, programmers and IT architects.

Through the use of the simulator, flash presentations, forums, references materials as well as the interactive training-I made available very powerful teaching tools. Check out DSI Power by giving it a test drive. Consider reviewing the resources I made to introduce both the website and the computer based training. You can watch the System Overview and learn how to Register as a user through flash presentations.

These are short presentations but they provide a good introduction to the systems I put together. The password for the system overview is ‘lmsdemo’ with a user name of ‘dispatcher’. Would you like to test drive the simulator? I can make that available too. It runs on a Windows XP based personal computers. It may run on newer operating systems as well.