One of the common themes from my career has been to work under diverse conditions.  In other words, when looking at the big picture, there has been a lot of variety.  As a result, I offer experience that has both a depth and a breath.  My diversity should be considered an asset and a qualification.  Good IT professionals understand this and appreciate it. In my case, it is a byproduct from working with several small to mid-corporations.

Technology is constantly changing so we have to adapt and take initiative.  IT professionals also have to be studious, diligent and open-minded to stay marketable and competitive.  I am also comfortable working with teams, submitting to authority, receiving assignments, being resourceful, problem solving as well as persevering to solutions.

  • Experienced with industry expertise in construction, distribution, manufacturing, power and utilities, real estate, retail, supply chain management and telecommunications.
  • Diverse experience with small to large size corporations in high and low-tech industries for various types of organizations and industries. This includes working for companies ranging from discrete, repetitive, job shop and process fabrication.
  • Have an in-depth functional background.  I have analyzed, designed, developed, tested, installed and managed computer systems. This includes diverse architectures including centralized and distributed platforms, mini-computers, client / server systems and with web technologies.
  • Experienced with a diverse and comprehensive set of databases, middleware, programming languages, technologies and software tools. Worked on more than ten hardware platforms (minis and mainframes) and over twenty-five software platforms / languages.
  • Possess experience in database administration, data communications, internet security and firewalls, IT management / outsourcing, network admin, network architectural design, software development, system analysis and design, operations, system integration, tech support, project management, telecommunications, website development and web hosting.
  • Possess experience as an end-user. Served as a plant materials manager and production scheduler. Directed the labor for an entire plant’s workforce. Experienced as a Corporate Materials Manager.
  • Integrated systems across various disparate hardware and software platforms by extracting data from / to enterprise applications, Operational Data Stores as well as BI based solutions. My EAI solutions have bridged and exchanged data between a hybrid data warehouse, an ODS, data marts, EIS and OLAP applications.
  • Possessing more than 70,000 man hours of experience within the IT field whereby I have gained a technical diversity rarely matched by other candidates.
  • Have led in roles to define system requirements, manage projects and to establish methodologies.  Have experience overseeing entire SDLC’s; managing risks and assuring quality.
  • Have strong oral and written communication skills. Have mentored IT Staff and trained end users.