Dear Colleague,

Lessons learned from a rewarding and diverse experience in the IT field are shared on this website.  For example, one of my career highlights includes completing a contract as a Solution Architect and as a Business Analyst for the original AT&T / Apple iPhone project. For this engagement, I also served as a data architect as well as a liaison between the Business and IT, conducted analysis, created specifications, tested applications and deployed solutions.

By reviewing this site, you will see I have a history of achieving very significant results. The systems I have implemented reduced expenses or gained profits into the many 10’s of millions of dollars. Let me encourage my colleagues to offer to their employers not only a specialization but also versatility. Corporations need people who have both business knowledge but also a ‘wide’ range of technical expertise.

Permit me to also stress, it is my ‘strengths which allow me to work in ‘many’ roles with great success. If you’re in the IT field, potentially, you may want the same to be said of you! So, let me suggest, if you’re going to be successful over a ‘long-term’ career, it will require ‘not’ merely an ‘initial’ investment. It will require on-going career development and maintenance. With that as a context, if you’re not constantly learning (‘sharpening the saw’), then you’re going to be at risk and may be left behind.

I am hopeful you will enjoy the resources collected on this site. You may request additional information and see work samples. Your feedback is sincerely appreciated.

Best regards to all,

Stephen Davis