Business Related:

  • Served as a solution architect and business analyst to translate AT&T’s business requirements into the system and functional specifications to fulfill the contractual agreement to share revenue with Apple on behalf of the iPhone project.
  • Brought inventory management system from no formality to an inventory accuracy of 99%.
  • Reduced the lead time on a product line from twenty-five weeks to 2 1/2 weeks.  Compare the before and after Rough Cut Capacity Plans for yourself.
  • Reduced an order entry process from 14 to 4 steps, lowered inventory by 30% and cut Production Control staff by 50% through the use of automation and system integration.
  • Repeatedly, served with other team-members to troubleshoot corporations for the resolution of mission critical business problems; and, in so doing, we collectively preserved the livelihood of several hundred people.
  • Identified 552 million dollars worth of excess inventory and 1.2 billion dollars of under-stocked merchandize through a supply chain management DSS / OLAP system which I created.
  • Equipped the third largest retailer to grow their business 25% by bringing online an additional 6 IDC’s (for a total of 18) by empowering their Buyers, Planners and Schedulers with a new integrated decision support system.

Systems Related:

  • Experienced in over ten hardware platforms (minis and mainframes) and over twenty-five software development languages, application programming interfaces and modules.
  • Created a projected savings of eight millions dollars through the design, coding and implementation of a forecasting and production control system.
  • Was titled a top subject matter expert (SME) for manufacturing.  That designation came from a sales representative who covered a three state region for an ERP system implemented, at the time, for three-hundred companies.
  • Selected as director, supervisor and administrator of computer operations.  This award as assigned to three students out of student body of 12,000.
  • Have progressed to solution architect and have designed networks expanding across the United States.
  • Achieved in ten weeks what domain experts claimed would take ten months.  This accomplishment used a software package which cost one hundred twenty seven dollars rather than 10’s of thousands of dollars.
  • Selected, installed, populated and deployed a Learning Management System (LMS), customer support forums (CSF), Content Management System (CMS), Contact Management System/Subscription Manager (SM) and a Version Control System (VCS) by using open source products and thereby creating an integrated Enterprise platform at a faction of the cost for a typical Enterprise.