One of the original purposes of this website was to provide the material exchanged during a job placement process but it also contains a great deal more. Now I’m grateful to say, I’ve landed into full-time permanent employment in a role that is a fulfillment of a long-term aspiration. I am working for a non-profit employer, it has rewarding experiences and we have provided $6B to 40K ministries, churches and charities around the world.

As time permits, it is my desire to also continue to expand this website to include even more valuable lessons learned throughout my career. When you click on the ‘Resume’ menu, it is my hope you also will enjoy reviewing the results of a rich and rewarding career within the IT field. Blogs have also been posted to compile, distribute and discuss solutions and technologies.

By reviewing this Site you can enjoy a portfolio demonstrating these solutions and technologies! They were compiled throughout my career; and, they were collected long before blogging became popular. As you know, many technologies have evolved during this time. Yet, through this period, a set of solutions on a large array of technologies and techniques were made available through my websites. They contain material researched and compiled based on renown Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).

Comments and suggestions are encouraged.

Best regards to all,

Stephen Davis